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Oseque Oh! My face Get it Fix - Mist & Fix 保濕定妝噴霧

Oseque Oh! My face Get it Fix - Mist and Fix 保濕定妝噴霧

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Oseque Oh! My face Get it Fix - Mist & Fix 保濕定妝噴霧

【 我不是「粉面」人 】

出街袋定細細支保濕噴霧,補水、補妝一噴攪掂~ 咁就避免到溶妝、皮膚水分被抽乾出現啦,係惡劣天氣都可以 Last 到成日!


:水份粒子含有維他命同礦物質, 迅速滲入滋養肌膚,妝容保持清爽



What it is

Worried about your gorgeous makeup wearing out throughout the day? Set your makeup, make it last for long hours! This fixing mist from Oseque is specially formulated with fine powder particles that sets and mattifies your makeup to last the entire day despite the harsh weather. This mist prevents the makeup from smearing by securing it onto the skin. Made with premium botanical extracts, this fixing mist contains vitamins and minerals highly beneficial to the skin. It also promotes protection against damage with its rich nourishing properties.

How to use

At the last step of your makeup routine, hold the bottle at about 8 inches away from the face and spray all over the face for the makeup to fully set.


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